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Compact Substation
The Compact Substations are the arc tested structures included with advanced enclosures. They are made to provide low voltage energy and can be installed in locations open to the public. Also, these ensure protection for several people in different service conditions.

HT Panel
HT panels are the metal enclosures, which are equipped with HT Circuit Breakers. They are generally suited to provide power to several electrical devices as well as distribution boards. They can be set up in both outdoor as well as indoor.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker
The Vacuum Circuit Breakers can be used for the system voltage levels up to 72 kV. All these breakers are identified as most dependable current interruption technology suited for medium voltage switchgear.

Package Substation
The Package Substations are functional as the authorized picks of MV circuit breaker, transformer, and LV switchboards. They are available with compact designs and are suited for the advanced secondary distribution system, both outdoor and indoors.

Circuit Breaker
The Circuit breakers are functional as the electrical safety devices made to protect the electrical circuit from loss caused by short circuit and overcurrent. They can resume the normal operation, very well.

Unitized Substation
The Unitized Substations we deal in are utilized for supplying power from high voltage to low voltage in construction sites, open cast mines, metro cities, etc. They are of compact size and are widely suitable for regular shifting. 

Ring Main Unit
The Ring Main Units are utilized as the most preferred solutions, accessible with several advantages. They can deal with the voltage fluctuations and function as the reliable solutions. The units can isolate the equipment which are faulty and can pose a risk.

VCB Panel
The VCB Panels are functional as the medium voltage power systems which can be utilized for transmission systems as well as high voltage substations. They are accessible with extremely beneficial attributes such as high interruption capability, safety, extended operation life, and boosted cost-performance.
Compact Secondary Substation

Compact Secondary Substations are well known for their stable performance. These substations are required for transformation of medium voltage to low voltage without any hindrance. Standard insulation level and low maintenance design are the key aspects of this array of substations.